Game Thread: Red Wings at Penguins – 12/13

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Pittsburgh Penguins
December 13, 2011 – 7:00 PM

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  1. The Red Wings visit an injured Pittsburgh Penguins team tonight.

    Sidney Crosby will not play for the Penguins after his post-concussion symptoms returned. Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal could also be out. With all the injuries, former Red Wing Jason Williams will make his second appearance of the season for the Pens.

    It has all the makings of a trap game, as the Wings are coming off a rout of the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday and are relatively healthy. They *should* win this game, which has the tendency to mean they’ll let up a bit. I hope otherwise.

    No roster changes for Detroit, meaning Chris Conner will get to play for his hometown team against his former team. Jimmy Howard gets the start.

    Game time is 7:00 PM. FSD has the TV.

  2. Surprised that wasn’t called a high stick. Great plays all around. And now the evener…

  3. From what I saw that was really good. Also somewhat unrelated but Pavel Datsyuk should have his own tv show.

  4. Always good to go into Pittsburgh and get a win, whether or not they’re healthy. How well that team plays even without Sidney Crosby shows how dangerous they are.

    The game was much closer than the final score shows. The teams were within a goal of each other for 55 minutes and the Penguins outshot the Red Wings. But for a couple posts, Pittsburgh could have had a decent lead.

    Thankfully, the puck luck was with the Red Wings tonight and they made some fantastic plays to go with it. Datsyuks goal was an impressive individual effort. Franzen’s was great play all around. Cleary’s first came off a real nice feed from the former Penguin Conner. Even the ENG was nice, as Cleary took his time to get around Malkin and get the clear shot, rather than rushing it.

    Coming off a blowout win, a close, hard-fought game is good for the Wings. They’ll need to get wins like this down the road so remembering how to do it now is important.

  5. Is it just me or does it look like the rest of the Wings have been taking footwork lessons from Pasha?

    I wanted to post today in the Freep the Sidney was failed by the Pens leadership in letting him get into more concussion trouble. But the new facebook format defeated me… I don’t do facebook. Anywho, Sidney is a has-been IMO since he’s a Gretzky-like player in an era where the NHL wont protect him (like Gretzky was). Add to that, the habit of Sidney to try and play like a bigger, more aggressive player than he his (initiating) without the Pens GM building more enforcers around him… wtf? Too bad… Sidney’s job is to score, not rough it up. Someone on the Pens staff needed to set him straight before he played in Boston. Too little, too late.

  6. I’m gonna disagree about Crosby as a has-been, but I think he’s dangerously close to becoming the next Eric Lindros. The league wants to get the headshots out of the game, Crosby is protected. He just has to get well again. That’s the hard part.

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