Game Thread: Predators at Red Wings – 4/9

Open Game Thread

Nashville Predators at Detroit Red Wings
April 9, 2009 – 7:30 PM

10 thoughts on “Game Thread: Predators at Red Wings – 4/9”

  1. The remaining three games for the Red Wings are almost meaningless to Detroit. The Wings are six points back of the San Jose Sharks for first overall in the West with three games remaining. If the Sharks lose their remaining two games and the Wings win out the conference will go to Detroit but otherwise the Red Wings will take the #2 seed.

    Tonight’s game is much more important for the Nashville Predators. They’re on the outside looking in right now, two points back of Anaheim and St. Louis, stuck in ninth place in the conference. A loss tonight would put the Predators in a very tough spot.

  2. Puck seems to be bouncing a bit to start the game.

    Heading out to soccer, I’ll catch up later.

  3. Goals by Franzen and I think Datsyuk.

    3 – 1 in the third, I believe. |: We just got Wii Fit so I haven’t been paying much attention :(

    I like Fiddler a lot, but if he’s going to keep messing with Datsyuk I hope Datsyuk kicks some ass <3


    Maybe I should turn it back off, Preds just scored.

  4. Haha.

    God isn’t in the mood for giving games to the Red Wings these past few weeks.

    I knew I should’ve kept the game off. I’m bad luck!

  5. I’d be pretty p*ssed about that, too. |:


    That’s the first time anything I’ve typed has been censored! :( How exciting!

  6. Go Hudler! I hope those statistics they were saying before they started were right.

    I’m kinda post crazy, I’ll make this my last post. |:

    And that Nashville dude just scored, too.


    @*#&)(*&#*&*(&#*(&$ Arnott won it for them. |:

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