Game Thread: Red Wings at Sharks – 1/17

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Detroit Red Wings at San Jose Sharks
January 17, 2009 – 10:30 PM

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  1. Starting this one up a bit early ’cause I don’t know when I’ll be able to later. I’ve got no roster notes or anything right now.

    This game is getting a lot of buzz. Unlike the prior two times these teams met this season, both teams come in on a day’s rest. The Sharks haven’t forgotten the 6-0 loss at Joe Louis Arena last month but they did just suffer their first regulation home loss in almost a year on Thursday, falling to the Calgary Flames.

    With San Jose one point up on the Wings in the standings, a regulation win for Detroit would put them in first place in the Western Conference for the first time this season.

  2. I hope they win! I will be taping the game cause tonight is my birthday party (which I think happened with a Wings and Sharks game last year, too?)

    Leave good notes about this mastodonic game…or else! :D

  3. Franzen out for the night. “Lower body injury.”

    That came either on Thornton’s late hit at the end of the second or the ensuing scrum. f*ck.

  4. Dr. Fil ties it up! Birthday gift, MD. :D

    It’s just my luck he finally gets a goal and the Wings lose :D Oh well. I didn’t see it, cause I was in a hurry and set my VCR wrong. Haha, I did turn the TV set on to see Patrick Marleau score, though. Wasn’t too happy about that, but I can live.

    I hope it was a good game, otherwise!

  5. I hope it was a good game, otherwise!

    Larry Murphy spent a lot of time calling it a great game but I have a hard time agreeing considering the Wings’ defensive lapses and a couple bad calls. And the outcome, of course.

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