Game Thread: Red Wings at Kings – 10/27

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Los Angeles Kings
October 27, 2008 – 10:30 PM

34 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Kings – 10/27”

  1. Looking forward very much to see the old Grind Line back together again tonight.

    Sorry, I missed you all the last two games but I was running the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend up in D.C. Looks like I missed a really good game Saturday.

    GO WINGS!!!

  2. I’m glad to see the Grind Line back together and also very interested on seeing the new third line, with Kopecky skating with Filppula and Hudler.

    That said, I’d rather see Leino in the lineup so if Franzen is going to be out for awhile I hope they find out soon so they can figure out whether or not to call him up.

    Programming note… Probably won’t be much pre-game updating from me, I’ve got a 7:00 AM code release tomorrow so I’ll be napping until gametime so I can stay up late for the game. Frikkin’ West Coast road trips.

  3. I’m excited. I’d like to see Quincey lose…badly :)

    I’ve calculated I’m going to get about three hours of sleep tonight. HUZZAH!

    edit — Miscalculation, I believe I will be getting four :)

  4. The morning after a late West Coast game… Not a lot from the Detroit press.

    Of course MacLeod is stuck at home since his paper won’t send him anywhere. Khan has a recap at mLive and the DetNews has one as well.

    I’m a little surprised to not see any quotes about the officiating from Mike Babcock, given his comments after the games in St. Louis and Chicago last week. Of course no matter what he thinks of the penalty to Mikael Samuelsson for essentially driving to the net (among others), he’s probably been warned to keep quiet.

    For the most part the Wings played a solid game, the Kings just took advantage of every chance they got. A power play goal where Chris Osgood makes the save but LA has a guy right there to bang it in. A deflection off of Nicklas Lidstrom’s skate.

    Detroit did some of the same, though. Marian Hossa scored on a five-on-three, jumping past all three defenders before beating Jason Labarbara. Valtteri Filppula tied the game late by picking off an attempted outlet pass, putting himself all alone in front of Labarbara.

    Osgood did a great job of staying with the shooters in the shootout, while Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg made Labarbara look silly.

    One thing I took away from the game is that the makeshift third line of Filppula, Jiri Hudler and Tomas Kopecky looked very good. Much better than the reunited Grind Line, which is kind of sad but also very exciting to see.

  5. I wasn’t planning on watching, but I’ve just got back from work and probably won’t get to sleep anytime soon, so I might watch the first two periods, I’ll see. I’m also taking advantage of the europe-North America clocks going back lag (is there an official term?), so basically there’s an hour cut off the time difference at the moment. But it had to coincide with a West coast road trip. Oh yay.

  6. I’ve calculated I’m going to get about three hours of sleep tonight. HUZZAH!

    Hoping for no OT. By my count I’m looking at a little under 5 hours of sleep and that’s giving me no extra time in the morning. Actually not as bad as I expected.

  7. Wings looked slow for the first few minutes but that third line I was interested in got things going a little bit there.

  8. Go Zetterberg :) That was…an unexpected goal. XD

    Were they saying he was going to marry that one lady earlier? I wasn’t paying attention.

  9. Zata gets the Wings on the board!

    Raffy waited until about the last possible second to get that first shot off, Zetterberg was in the right place at the right time after it was blocked. Nothing Labarbara could do, stuck out of position trying to play that first shot that didn’t go through.

  10. Were they saying he was going to marry that one lady earlier? I wasn’t paying attention.

    Yeah, his model girlfriend probably had to work hard to convince him to propose. :)

  11. Kopy with one of those hits that look bigger than they are ’cause they broke the glass.

  12. Ozzie had to come up big right there. I don’t think Raffy tripped him, his stick wasn’t on the inside of his leg.

  13. Yeah, his model girlfriend probably had to work hard to convince him to propose. :)

    Lmao, that’s a good one. XD I thought she was a reporter though? But she’s a model. Ooooh, what a hot-shot :)

    Kings on the powwweeeerrrrrrpllllllaaaaay XD Rafalski for tripping.

    And they score =/ Damn.

  14. Haha, the Soviet Re-Union, that was cute :)

    And you bet PD is amazing.

    Anyone else find Datsyuk’s Rahmani(if that’s how it’s spelled) commercial hilarious? I dunno why, but it makes me crack up.

    Offsides. Three on one. God is on our side :)

  15. I forgot Kyle Calder existed.

    He’s in the box now, though.

    Hopefully a goal will be in the near future! <3 (I feel so lonely here, everyone disappeared XD)

  16. I don’t remember Kyle Calder being able to do that when he was in Detroit.

    Bad rebound for Osgood but really it was a high enough initial shot that he couldn’t do much else.

  17. Samuelsson gets punched in the head by Quincey, retaliates and is the only one to go. Kings PP.

    Ozzie with a massive save.

  18. You’re kidding me. Samuelsson had the damn puck! How can that be goalie interference?!

  19. I can’t wait to hear what Babcock has to say after this game. The officiating is a f*cking joke.

  20. Dr. Fil comes through! Picked off the pass and stepped in all alone on Labarbara.

    sh*t, hold on for the point now.

  21. Is it just me, or do Datsyuk and Hossa and Zetts and Dr. Fil look like the globetrotters out there every once in a while? It’s really kind of funny.

  22. Hossa hooked all over right in front of the net. What do the Kings have to do to get a penalty?

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