Game Thread: Thrashers at Red Wings – 10/24

Open Game Thread

Atlanta Thrashers at Detroit Red Wings
October 24, 2008 – 7:30 PM

18 thoughts on “Game Thread: Thrashers at Red Wings – 10/24”

  1. Late start to the gameday thread as I’ve been running around all crazy today.

    No lineup changes for the Wings but Osgood gets the start. He’s apparently expected to start tomorrow as well in an odd back-to-back outing.

    I’ve got no news on the Atlanta lineup, I’m out of the loop and will miss most of the early parts of the game as I’ve got soccer tonight.

  2. Exelby just cranked Fil with no call. Nice.

    Good to see Hossa tearing up his old team. One more on this last shift? :)

  3. Stirling makes it a one goal game. Tons of Thrashers shots on that shift, where was the D?

  4. We need to stop giving up these late leads. We’re just not going to be as good if we continue to do it. Sooner or later it’s really going to catch us with our pants down. We narrowly escaped that night earlier this week.

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