Game Thread: Red Wings at Senators – 10/11

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Ottawa Senators
October 11, 2008 – 7:00 PM

25 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Senators – 10/11”

  1. I figured I’d open up this thread now since I expect to be working on various projects right up to the 7:00 puck-drop.

    The Wings look to rebound from their awful mess of a game on Thursday while the Sens finally get to play a game at home after starting the season last weekend in Sweden against Pittsburgh.

    Detroit is going with the same lineup as Thursday as the injuries to Brian Rafalski and Kirk Maltby were minor. I’d almost say that’s too bad as Malts was one of the guys I was really disappointed with on Thursday and would have loved to see Justin Abdelkader get called up to give it a shot. Almost, as I don’t wish injury on anyone and one game does not a season make.

    Ottawa will be without captain Daniel Alfredsson. Dany Heatley will be taking over as interim captain (does that mean they’re giving him the C while Alfie is out?) and Jarkko Ruutu is moving up to the top line.

    That’s all I’ve got right now.

  2. “Since I’ve been here we haven’t lost one player that we didn’t want to lose” – Mike Babcock. :)

    I hope they win, because my toe is in pain and it would make me feel immensely better and winning is good!

    I’m disappointed Alfredsson won’t be in tonight, he’s been dear to my heart since he shot the puck at Scott Niedermayer.


    I liked John Keating’s opening to the pregame show. :) It was creative.

    I also keep hearing Kyle Quincey is probably going to be picked up off of waivers, yes!!!!

  3. FSN has some fancy new graphics. Way overusing Bank Gothic but I love that font so I don’t mind.

  4. LOL, I got picture from the wings game and sound from the tampa game.

    Haha, that’s awesome! :) How’d that happen?

    I didn’t notice it, but I like how the ticker thing (whatchamacallit) doesn’t take up the whole top. Ugh, I hate brain loss moments :)

  5. Maltby already put a hit on someone in the corner. Better in the first five minutes than all game Thursday.

    Sound from Tampa? Watching on CI?

  6. Holy crap, the Wings have had more good chances so far than they did all game Thursday. I’m loving this.

    Ugh, Cleary with a trip.

  7. GO DR. FIL! :)

    Now why couldn’t he have done that while I was wearing my jersey on Thursday? :)

  8. Now why couldn’t he have done that while I was wearing my jersey on Thursday? :)

    Wings win tonight and I’ll wear mine tomorrow in honor of him. :)

  9. Kopecky saying “You wanna use that stick like that I’ll break it in half and stick it up your ass.”

  10. I’m caught up with live now. A couple thoughts…

    Foligno breaking through Fil and Kronner on his goal. Jumps between them, puts one arm around each of them, they go down, he scores. Putting your arms around people isn’t holding anymore?

    Homer’s getting his ass kicked in front of the net with no calls.

  11. And Johan ties it up! :)

    Amazing. Simply amazing. I can’t believe no one really knew he could do all this stuff until last year =/

  12. This game is driving me nuts. I really could have used another week to relax this offseason I think.

  13. And they get the win. :) Awesome. I’m excited and feeling better, as expected <3

  14. Wings hold on for the win. I’m breathing easy now.

    Yep, could have used more summer.

  15. And with that commercial, I’m putting the game on pause to go sand down the new drywall in my bathroom. Fun stuff.

  16. Good save by Osgood. That was neat :)

    Goal by Ottawa, laaaaame. That was an interesting way to get to the net XD

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