Game Thread: Red Wings at Penguins – 6/4

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Pittsburgh Penguins
June 4, 2008 – 8:00 PM

54 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Penguins – 6/4”

  1. Not much to say today, things have been pretty quiet since Game Five. No lineup changes are expected for either team.

    I’ve got no keen insight into this game or anything like that. I’m just calmly confident in the Wings ability to finish this one off.

  2. I am so ready to get this game started, want to get that bad taste out of my mouth from last game. Don’t know if it hurts more because I was there, but I am ready to get this one under way. Hoping the wings can score first to quiet the crowd a little, I’m sure that Melon Arena will be loud for this one.

  3. This should be a great game, for fans on either side of the fence. There should be emotion running wild, the igloo will be rocking and the fans will be on the edge of their seats all game adding the the great atmosphere. I am expecting the game play to be back and forth the way it was in game 3, and everyone watching to be glued to the TV. No matter who wins, this series has already been one for the ages and hopefully game 6 is just a continuation of everything we have seen so far.

    Of course im pulling for my Pens, but the game of hockey should benefit no matter who wins.

  4. Damnit, Helmer’s out. I’ll trade him for Crosby but I don’t want to have to.

  5. I missed the first 8 min of period two what happened to Helm

    High hit, I thought an elbow. Looked like a leg injury so he must have fallen funny.

  6. Why do they keep talking about the ice they are both playing on the same ice.

  7. The ice is bad either way, it’s just that Pittsburgh is still being stupid enough to try those stretch passes.

  8. What a horrible call on Datsyuk, if the Wings touch them it’s a penalty, I’m starting to believe all this conspiracy talk, they are trying to keep the game close they don’t want a blowout……but I do let it happen!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Phantom call that NBC couldn’t even replay and the Pens score on the power play. Damnit.

  10. Notice NBC not showing the replay on that last penalty………hmmmmmmmmm. F@CK

  11. I’ll be damned, they actually call Roberts for something.

    We need the next 3

  12. Okay one period, hopefully the other night will help keep them focused with this lead. Need another one.

  13. Need to get out of this period and settle down a little.

    Well, that’s down. Get the jump at the start of the third now…

  14. In the shifts after the goal, didn’t seem like the Wings were holding back. Damn good to see, didn’t see it Monday.

  15. You are f*cking kidding me.

    And Lilja’s stick is taken away with no penalty.

  16. Solid first period, keep it up. The Pens offence hasn’t really had a chance to get going.

  17. A lot better first period tonight than on Monday. Good to get on the board first and for the most part the defense looked good. Gotta get another one.

    Ice looks like sh*t and the refs are being uneven again. Need the extra goal for breathing room.

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