Game Thread: Red Wings at Penguins – 5/31

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Pittsburgh Penguins
May 31, 2008 – 8:00 PM

16 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Penguins – 5/31”

  1. With a little under eleven hours until the start of the game (probably exactly that long until the drop of the puck), my nerves are reminding me that I never should have been feeling comfortable in the first place.

    The series won’t be decided tonight but it’s another must-win for the Penguins. Detroit doesn’t need the win but a loss puts them in a virtual must-win on Monday.

    Tomas Holmstrom missed yesterday’s practice but said he felt fine on a bike. He’ll go today if he can. If not, Cleary moves up to the top line, Maltby to the third line, and McCarty rejoins the lineup on the fourth line.

    No other changes are expected.

  2. I’ve been busting my ass all afternoon working on a freelance gig, trying to keep my nerves from driving me nuts. Took a second to relax and found this linked from Abel to Yzerman…

    After pulling out that thrilling victory in Game 3 — and really, could there have been a more compelling contest to sell the sport on prime time TV than that 3-2 nailbiter? — the Penguins have to be feeling pretty good about their chances heading into Game 4.

    But as they step onto the ice, braced by the roars of 17,000 die-hard supporters at Mellon Arena on Saturday night, they should take a moment to soak up the adoration of the home crowd. Odds are they won’t get another chance this season.

    Yep. This thing ends in five. Make book on it.

    That would be Allan Muir over at SI.

  3. I don’t think either team can complain too much about the outcome of the first.

  4. Oh my. I think my nerves just got worse with the Wings in the lead. Get another one.


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