Game Thread: Red Wings at Blackhawks – 1/1

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Detroit Red Wings at Chicago Blackhawks
January 1, 2009 – 1:00 PM

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  1. It appears that NHL Winter Classic will be back and making a visit to the Windy City.

    TSN has confirmed that the Chicago Blackhawks will take on the Detroit Red Wings next January in what has become the league’s annual outdoor game.

    Following the success of this season’s Winter Classic in Buffalo, where a record 71,217 fans watched the Sabres take on the Pittsburgh Penguins at Ralph Wilson Stadium, a number of cities have been pushing for the right to hold the event.

    There was talk that the New York Rangers were looking into the possibility of hosting a game at Yankee Stadium. With the baseball team moving into a new stadium next season, it would have been the final event held in the old ballpark.

    It is not yet clear whether the game would be held at Wrigley Field, home of MLB’s Cubs, or Soldier Field, home of the NFL Bears.…=headlines_main

  2. Posted to the main site earlier today……_classic_ii.php


    There is one disappointing thing about this, it probably means the traditional New Year’s Eve game won’t happen this year.

    Anybody know how much tickets were last years….so i can have a “ballpark” figure? heh that was a pun.

  3. Apparently this is still just a possibility. The NHL would prefer to use Yankee Stadium but needs an option in case that continues to be a problem.

  4. According to XM radio’s NHL channel they had Gary Butman on with Bill Clement and Gary said that the game in Chicago was not true. He said that no games are set in stone. His coment was that there are “no more than 10 and no less 2 cities in the running”. He also said that Yankee Stadum is not in or out of the running. He left it pretty open as to where the next one was at. :therock:

  5. The NHL officially announced today that the Red Wings and Blackhawks will meet at Chicago’s Wrigley Field for the 2009 Winter Classic.

    The game, to begin at 1:00 PM Eastern on New Years Day 2009, will be part of a home-and-home series that will see the Blackhawks visit Detroit on December 30, 2008.

    The Red Wings’ annual tradition of a New Years Eve game will be disrupted by the series. The Wings had played on December 31 in every non-lockout year since 1946, except for 1996.

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