44 thoughts on “Game Thread: Stars at Red Wings – 5/10”

  1. Stu Barnes could return to the lineup for the Stars but it looks like that would be the only roster change for either team for Game Two.

    The way the Stars have been complaining to the media about goalie interference on Detroit’s third goal in Game One, you can probably expect that to be watched a bit more closely this time around. The Stars feel they’re “owed” one.

    Of course, I hope the Wings did just as much lobbying, ’cause as loud as the Stars have been they still got away with a bit. Marty Turco’s blatant elbow to the head of Darren Helm way outside the crease early in the third period comes to mind. Of course, the Versus guys barely mentioned it (the crowd was going nuts).

    Turco still hasn’t proven anyone who says he can’t win in Detroit wrong. I won’t say he can’t, just that he hasn’t.

    Wings win this one, it could be a quick series.

    Thread note: My laptop is in the shop so I’ll be checking in at intermissions. Going old-school and taking game notes with pencil and paper.

  2. Agreed, Turco doesn’t really seem interested in proving he can win at the Joe. As far as the complaining goes, you can expect at least one or two goal tender interference call on Homer.

    According to Hockey this morning on XM the league wants to prove that the refs can get it right. Although it always seems to come at the Wings expense, I have a feeling that I am going be p*ssed at the refs.

    I also concur that this could be a short series. All I want to know is how we are going to counter the Pens! That is a fast moving team!

    Side Note: Happy late 43rd birthday to Stevie Y!

  3. Expected Stars lineup change: Matt Niskanen in on the blueline for Mark Fistric. Stu Barnes won’t be ready to go.

  4. I missed the pregame out with in-laws. Why is Franzen out?

    Beautiful shot by Helmer.

  5. Wheres the calls missed the punch to the back of the head on datsyuk, the slash by turco and the cross check

  6. Who’s surprised that the refs can see phantom hand-passes to negate Detroit goals but not any of the cross-checking Dallas does?

  7. Ott turns around and gives Osgood a shot. No call. Yet it’s Dallas bitching about goalie interference.

    Do the Versus guys know Detroit is playing? Every stoppage it’s about what Dallas is doing.

    And, yeah, huge goal by Zetterberg. Gotta keep Turco under pressure, he’ll keep cracking.

  8. Thinking about it more, that Datsyuk goal that was blown dead would have been on highlights everywhere. Way to go ref. Good thing the NHL doesn’t need highlights.

    I will retract my blame when someone shows me a clear view that it was a hand-pass.

  9. f*cking Ribeiro. f*cking shower of sh*te the Stars are. That’s put a bitter taste on the win.






  11. Versus calls it a lovetap. I can’t believe they got those words out with their lips so firmly attached to Dallas’ collective balls.

  12. I want Ribeiro gone. Done. Not gonna happen though.

    He’ll be gone…it’s a question of who does it…the league or McCarty.

  13. He’ll probably get a f*cking congratulatory phone call off Bettman. One twat to another.

  14. This is going to be spun as Osgood started it and got what he deserved. Everyone’s okay, no harm, no foul.

    Whatever. Wings won. Two down. Suck it, Dallas.

  15. Well, since I hate Versus, I watched it on the CBC, they still kind of favoured Dallas, but it was more neutral then Versus.

    I liked the fact that Darren Helm scored, which was nice. I hope Franzen gets better soon with the mysterious headaches, and I hope Dallas stops being so dirty. They remind me of Anaheim last year, well….Anaheim in general.

    That one goal shouldn’t have been called back, and as someone said earlier, it was weak. =/ But it’s nice to see the Wings can still win without Mule. I’m keeping my fingers crossed he’ll be back soon, though.

    &&;; I don’t remember who it was after the game, but whoever hit Osgood should be kicked out of the playoffs, or at least the next game.

  16. It did hit Zetterberg in the hand the top of the glove and then datsyuk touched it, if that is considered a hand pass it was the right call…weak but right

  17. these versus guys are all about dallas….they should just go down there with there jersey’s and blow them during break

  18. these versus guys are all about dallas….they should just go down there with there jersey’s and blow them during break

    I’m not allowed to say that out loud down here, but I’m sure thinking it.

    After two… Turco’s getting away with all sorts of stuff. Makes me wish more and more that Helm would have gone after him after the elbow in Game One. Wings didn’t have anything to lose then.

    Diving call was bullsh*t. I don’t know how someone can be known to wear extra padding because of all the abuse he takes but still have a repuation as a diver. Seems like if he was diving, he wouldn’t need the padding.

    And I still think that another stick touched the puck before Datsyuk’s on the non-goal. Haven’t gone back to do the replays though.

    Speaking of replays, seems like Versus does a lot fewer of them than FSN does. Guess that’s what happens when you need to fit in the “Reasons Dallas is so f*cking great, sponsored by Trojan” graphic in each stoppage.

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