Game Thread: Red Wings at Blue Jackets – 3/16

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Detroit Red Wings at Columbus Blue Jackets
March 16, 2008 – 3:00 PM

13 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Blue Jackets – 3/16”

  1. Hasek gets the start this afternoon but the Wings are keeping Howard (and Ritola, who should be back out of the lineup with Downey no longer sick) in Detroit for one more game. Not sure why.

    Columbus is basically in must-win mode but were sellers at the deadline so they’re not expected to crack the top eight. They always play the Wings tough, though.

  2. ): How I already miss Sergei Fedorov.

    Yay! :o I assumed that since it was Sunday afternoon, it would be on NBC. How joyous I am it’s not!

    Hmmm, that is peculiar that they are keeping those players in Detroit.

  3. And I made it back from Kokomo in time for the game. Hooray for getting on the road early.

    My thinking is that this game depends entirely on how Hasek plays.

    Lebda is out, Chelios is in. Dom is (as previously mentioned) in. Only lineup changes.

  4. I’m going to blame Hasek on the second goal. He moved his pad away from the puck and moving it back was what kicked it in.

    Third, too. Hasek was too lazy to get back in net.

  5. Hasek is not looking too good.. My bet is that wings will start osgood come playoff..

    and the wings score

  6. Game’s far from over but (as Ken just mentioned as I was typing it), amazing how quick the momentum changes.

  7. Datsyuik makes it look easy.. I take my hat off for Franzen.. He’s gonna rock the playoffs..

  8. Important power play goal. Two goals in 25 minutes are do-able. Gotta keep the Jackets silent now. One more before the end of the period would be nice.

  9. Blue Jackets did a great job keeping the Wings pinned down with Osgood out. Damn.

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