Game Thread: Blues at Red Wings – 3/5

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St. Louis Blues at Detroit Red Wings
March 5, 2008 – 7:30 PM

10 thoughts on “Game Thread: Blues at Red Wings – 3/5”

  1. Phantom power play (could have called it a slash if they really wanted to) and the Blues score. That was important for them, if the Wings got the second goal it would have been big.

  2. :) Datsyuk is pretty stellar.

    I think they should have called it a slash, though. Stupid goal. =/

  3. Franzen on his way down to the ice flips it in. That’s part of how the Wings want him to use his size, fight to the front of the net and do things there.

    Edit: I totally said that before Mickey.

  4. Rafalski had some good shots tonight, happy to see he got one.

    & Datsyuk takes another assurance goal with the empty net. Wings up by three with 1:29 left.

  5. And this one should be over. Good to get another win, get rolling again.

  6. Raffy is back with the Wings taking on the Blues tonight. Meech sits with Ericsson staying in. I would have scratched Lilja instead.

  7. I am liking the Lilja idea :D

    Please tell me Ken Daniels did not just refer to something as Chuck Norris-like. D: Will people ever learn?

    :) I am excited and somewhat doubtful. Let’s see Dr. Fil score again tonight considering they switched the stations so I was not able to watch the previous game (too bad my VCR isn’t magical and detect the Red Wings games & automatically tape) ):

  8. There’s one of those weak rebounds by Legace we’re so used to. :)

    Actually, it was a pretty good stop on Kopecky’s shot. Datsyuk did a great job of corralling it and getting it back on net.

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