Game Thread: Red Wings at Oilers – 2/26

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Detroit Red Wings at Edmonton Oilers
February 26, 2008 – 9:00 PM

27 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Oilers – 2/26”

  1. Osgood gets the start with the Griff… er… Red Wings in Edmonton. Newcomer Brad Stuart will not make the trip so the same defense will take the ice as did on Saturday in Vancouver.

  2. I like this strategy :)

    Since the WINGS are playing in Edmonton tonight, and we acquired Maltby from the Oilers several years ago, unless he scores at least a point tonight, why don’t we just leave him out there —- we tell him after the game, thanks for his years of service, but since he has contributed little the last 3 years or so — we’re paying his plane ticket back to Edmonton — and will be shipping the rest of his stuff in a couple of weeks? :)

    Maybe we should hire a hitman.

    Wings get nothing for two powerplays early in the 1st. Hopefully this is not a repeat of the Vancouver game. But I doubt it. Edmonton doesn’t seem like it’s doing much (right now) to me.

    edit;; My opinion is now changed :) (you can not sway me on the Maltby thing, though)

    Maybe we’ll just give him to the Oilers at the end of the first, free of charge!

  3. That was…insane! Wow, I was very pleased with Osgood there. Too bad they still scored.

  4. Where the hell was the defense there? Osgood was all over the place but Lilja was just standing there.

  5. Where the hell was the defense there? Osgood was all over the place but Lilja was just standing there.

    That’s basically Lilja for you. Maybe they could drop him off in Edmonton, too. But they wouldn’t have to send his stuff over later …:)

  6. IMO DATS doesn’t get near the credit he deserves as being a two-way player. His ability to take away pucks from opponents is really good.

  7. Bah, I’d rather see a Griffin get burned like that than a Red Wing. At least Ericsson has an excuse.

  8. MALTBY and/or DRAPER could both redeem themselves tonight.

    MALTBY just had a golden opportunity, but couldn’t find the puck.

    I hope he heard me earlier about leaving him in EDMONTON after tonight’s game.

  9. Ya know ….. the one dimensional play of MALTBY and DRAPER is rather mundane.

    If either of them would take the ice with anything but a checking line mentality …. as in ….. maybe, just maybe, I CAN SCORE a goal, I would have a better opinion of them.

  10. Meech’s play has been outstanding. Nice rush by Zetterberg and the pass to Meech.

    Zetterberg is great carrying the puck, stick handling with one hand, and warding off opponents with the other arm.

  11. Anyone surprised that penalty was on Lilja? I can’t wait until Stuart puts him in the damn pressbox.

  12. Anyone surprised that penalty was on Lilja? I can’t wait until Stuart puts him in the damn pressbox.

    Its not the first time, nor will it be the last, the Lilja’s sloppy play, errant passes, missed checks cost a goal and/or a game.

  13. MALTBY is REALLY trying to score a goal …. he must have heard me earlier.


  14. This has been a hell of a game.

    Until Ericsson’s goal, it didn’t seem like the redwings were playing with very much passion…It was like they didn’t care that they could potentially lose again.

    Then…they started to look like the redwings that are 1st in the league.

    Thank God for Brad Stuart.

  15. Maltby almost made you guys eat your words :)

    Yeah, but ALMOST is like the umpteenth time DRAPER fans on a shot, or overskates a pass or a rebound, or otherwise misses a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.

    Like I said, If MALTS doesn’t score tonight, Leave him in EDMONTON!.

  16. And we go to the damned shootout. Holy crap.

    Should Babs give the puck to DRAPER or MALTS in the shoot-out?/ lol

  17. HUDLER a big disappointment. didn’t even challenge gallant one iota.

    And EDMONTON sets a new NHL record.

    On NiLLson’s mark,

    Ozzie goes down too soon again.

  18. f*ck it, at least it’s a point.

    It pains me to say it, but the Oilers deserved this win. In my opinion, they looked a lot better than the Wings did for most of the game.


  19. All in all, a point is a point is a point.

    But, The WINGS “should” have put this one away BEFORE the final buzzer. They certainly had enough opportunities.

    But Gallant was superb and the WING shooters couldn’t buy a break.

    Thats the way the cookie crumbles.

    Now we’re in quite a race for the Conference. Will be interesting MARCH schedule.

    Can the WINGS hold on to 1st place?

    Not sure at this point.

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