25 thoughts on “Game Thread: Panthers at Red Wings – 12/15”

  1. Wow, never seen a goal go in off of Lidstrom before. Hopefully that doesn’t give Florida any momentum.

  2. DRAKE with a couple of rare scoring opportunities (one a good feed from Zeta), but neither find their way past VAKOUN.

    The game has decidedly turned into dog doodoo for the WINGS.

    VAKOUN still easily the best player.

    THe other best players for the PANTHERS are the WINGS D …..

    I Haven’t seen a real serious effort so far by the RED JERSEYS

  3. Nice work byHUDLER and FRANZEN on the 2nd goal. Another power play goal (5 on 3 for all practical purposes).

    I felt the pain OUCH! of the PANTHER (not sure of his name) who blocked the shot with an ankle. :rolleyes:

  4. WOW What a ending to the 2nd! Final 9 seconds could have saw either team take the lead again, or it ending tied at 3 instead of tied at 2!

    FRANZEN’s TIP earlier ended up in my living room too!

  5. Nice to see CLEARY rewarded. Bad Break for VAKOUN. He had the puck stopped, but opened the five hole just a bit, Presumably to see where the puck was, and it was just enough for CLEARY to poke it through.

    Nice job.

  6. Damnit! Ken and Mickey are right, same move as in the shootout vs. Edmonton.

    Identical. PAV has to get it up (No PUN Intended) or try something else.


    BABs 200th Win! OZZIE apparently didn’t know that either. He had possession of the game puck but through it to fan as he was skating off the ice.

    Oh well.

  8. So technically speaking this is a shutout…

    It was. Early in the game the best two offensive players for the PANTHERS were the WING D.

  9. Goalie matchup tonight: Osgood vs. Vokoun. The Detroit goalie rotation continues and Florida goes with a goalie the Red Wings are very familar with from his days with the Nashville Predators.

    The Wings are still without Draper, Maltby and Holmstrom.

  10. Good to get the early goal, even if it took a five-on-three. Vokoun has the tendency to blank the Wings. Or seems to.

  11. A typical WING 1st Period. Lots of shots on net. Lots of puck control. A 16-8 shot differential, producing a ONE goal lead. Their goal came on a 5-3 power play advantage. The Panthers should consider they won the period. Vakoun was easily the best player. Didn’t see any Red Jersey stand out. Despite a lack luster performance, I certainly appreciate ONE up at the end of ONE.


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