Game Thread: Hurricanes at Red Wings – 12/9

Open Game Thread

Carolina Hurricanes at Detroit Red Wings
December 9, 2007 – 5:00 PM

13 thoughts on “Game Thread: Hurricanes at Red Wings – 12/9”

  1. Early start tonight, I was a few minutes late but just got caught up from the DVR.

    Detroit’s first goal was interesting, I’d be pretty p*ssed if I was a Carolina fan. 100% legal goal, I just have no idea why the ref hadn’t blown play dead.

  2. Not to take anything away from the great play Cole made to score Carolina’s first goal, but Dom went down quick again.

  3. Agreed on the team aspect, they’ve been getting a lot of help from the second and third lines lately and guys like Kronwall and Lilja have stepped up a bit on defense.

    Also good to see Hasek seemingly back in form. I hope Osgood doesn’t get relegated to one start in seven, since he’s played well all season, but if Dom’s the guy they want to go with for the playoffs then he needs runs like this.

  4. Two VERY good skating and puck possession teams on display tonight. Both teams deserve honorable mention. Thankfully, the WINGS are holding the lead. Not wanting to JINX the WINGED WHEELERS, I’ll reserve further comment.

  5. Gawd, PAVEL is worth the price of admission all by himself. PAVs is a magician in the art of TAKE-AWAYS!!!! His latest is solid proof. Way to go PAVS. :therock:

  6. Ugly or not — I’ll take it. Great effort by the Wings in both ends (the middle too). I must say the WINGS are skating, of late, as a TEAM about as well as I’ve ever seen them. Hope my comments here dont’ serve as basis for a JINX. Regrettably, I’ve had to eat my words a few times in the past.

  7. Comments about the WINGS’ Team play this year are welcome. Maybe its just my own personal bias, but I sense the WINGS this year have a bit more grit than in past years, and the TALENT displayed, across the board, both defensively and offensively, only adds to their TEAM strength and balance.

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