9 thoughts on “Game Thread: Flames at Red Wings – 11/27”

  1. Awesome goals by Datsyuk tonight and one from Valtteri Filppula. :)

    Let’s hope Hudler is ok, that was dirty by Dion Phoneuf(sp?)

    And Draper, him too :)

  2. Back from my soccer stuff, got caught up with the third period. Phaneuf totally left his feet on the hit. Weak.

  3. Well this got kinda chippy quick. So much for a fast game, I’m going to have to leave for a soccer practice before the end of the game. The DVR is set.

  4. Draper’s out. Leg injury. Not good.

    It’s confirmed? Darn ;_;

    What’s the whole deal with Mike Keenan? Is he their coach or GM? I wasn’t listening and got really confused because I thought I saw Jim Playfair on the bench. XD

    WOO :) Go Pavel Datsyuk <3

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