Game Thread: Red Wings at Predators – 11/22

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Nashville Predators
November 22, 2007 – 8:00 PM

12 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Predators – 11/22”

  1. I can’t wait to see the attendance numbers for this game. A hockey game on Thanksgiving Day, basically a football day, in the state of Tennessee.

  2. Huge kill by the Preds. I hope not scoring there doesn’t come back to bite the Wings in the ass.

  3. Well, there we go. Evened back up. I’m not sure that I can blame Hasek on it but I want to.

  4. He looked shaky doing it but Dom finally made a big stop. Maybe that’s the start of him snapping out of it.

  5. And Erat ties it up with Hasek unable to stand up. I’m telling you, Osgood doesn’t fall down to make that first stop so he’s still standing to stop the rebound chance.

  6. I’m so sick of Hasek flopping down for every single shot on goal. I give him the right to do that when there is a frenzy around the net, but not on a shot from the blue line. Osgood has badly outplayed Hasek this season and deserves to start. Im guessing the only reason he didnt start was because of him playing last night in St. Louis, but honestly, it seems to be that nearly every Detroit loss has come with the start of the Groininator.

  7. I want to blame Hasek for tonight’s loss but I can’t. The flop/rebound goal I blame him on but the rest of the game was a team effort. The Wings looked tired tonight. Not a surprise since they played last night (and travelled) and Nashville didn’t (thanks, NHL schedulers).

    This one seems to fall more under the “Detroit is playing better in front of Osgood right now” arguement that Bill made over at A2Y than the “Hasek is a wack-job who’s lost it” idea.

  8. :D Can’t wait for the game! :) 8 more min. till the pregame!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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