Game Thread: Red Wings at Blue Jackets – 11/18

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Detroit Red Wings at Columbus Blue Jackets
November 18, 2007 – 5:00 PM

22 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Blue Jackets – 11/18”

  1. After three losses in a row we should be extremely hungry for a win going into Columbus. Good thing Ozzie is getting the start.

  2. I got a late start of the game and didn’t get caught up until just now. Nice to see the Wings power play clicking but the PK needs to be big with a long five-on-three on fresh ice coming up.

  3. ;_; I am having the worst luck this weekend, so I had no idea there was a game on today.

    Who scored the goals so far?

    (See I told you, I typed that and Fedorov scores. ._.)

  4. Not saying it should have been, but if Novotny was Holmstrom, that would have been a goalie interference call. First mistake Osgood has made all season.

  5. Dumbass move by Lilja.

    (Thank you for the site)

    And when does he not do that? Not very often, that’s when.

  6. Osgood’s worst game of the season but he came up huge with those last two stops in the shootout.

    I’ll take the two points however they come but I still hate the shootout as a way to decide games. Exciting as hell, great highlight-maker, shouldn’t be used to decide games.

  7. Oh my god. Datsyuk. What a move.

    Took the thoughts out of my head. :cursing:

    He’s scored some off-the-wall goals this season. But I’m not complaining :shocked:

  8. Last 5-10 seconds were scary.

    Especially the last save by Osgood. Was terrified for a second there.

  9. Holy carps.

    He blocked Fedorov???

    WOO! :cursing:

    Goodbye, 3 game losing streak.

    Hello, win over Columbus. :shocked:

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