Game Thread: Red Wings at Canucks – 10/28

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Detroit Red Wings at Vancouver Canucks
October 28, 2007 – 10:00 PM

15 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Canucks – 10/28”

  1. After two games at home, it’s back out west for the Red Wings tonight, meaning another late night for those of us intending to catch the game.

    Niklas Kronwall will sit out with a sore groin, giving Derek Meech his first action of the season. Mike Babcock says that Kronwall would have gone if it was a playoff game and he’s expected to be back in on Tuesday.

  2. By my clock, we’re just getting underway at 10:46 PM ET. I hate the Western Conference.

  3. Wings kill the early Vancouver PP, FSN’s scoreboard is missing the penalty time, that’s gonna annoy the hell out of me.

  4. Two really similar goals and we’re at 1-1. Both goals scored with rebounds directed straight to an opponent.

  5. I’ve liked the play of MEECH tonight. Has been stepping up in the play, also making some nice passes.

  6. My cat wants to know what I’m doing up so late tonight. Like a lot of people, I don’t think she understands why Detroit is in the Western Conference.

  7. Another strong PK. I’d prefer to not see that have to happen but it happens. Detroit power play coming up.

  8. I’m dual-posting tonight, both here and over at Abel to Yzerman. As mentioned there (and earlier here), the broken FSN graphics are annoying the hell out of me. Ken just replied to a viewer email to say that they’re having technical difficulties. Shouldn’t they have mentioned that unprompted?

  9. If a goal like that was scored by the Wings, they’d find a way to call Holmstrom for goalie interference.


  10. BoSox completey destroyed the Rockies .. flipping between the Channels … World Series was p*ss poor this year .. But the BEST TEAM WON!

  11. DRAPES playing with added zeal (if that’s the correct term) ….. Have to wonder if it might be related to his newly signed 3-year contract …. a nice tidy sum of $4.5 M over the term of the contract … He’s probably worth it ….. but …… sounded to me like a lot of bucks!

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