Game Thread: Sharks at Red Wings – 10/26

Open Game Thread

San Jose Sharks at Detroit Red Wings
October 26, 2007 – 7:30 PM

10 thoughts on “Game Thread: Sharks at Red Wings – 10/26”

  1. Val Flippula gets the Wings on the board early. Great backhander into the top of the net.

  2. Sharks came up big to stop the Wings on the first three minutes of that four-minute power play. Detroit needs to take advantage of the fresh ice for the final 50 seconds with the advantage at the start of the second.

  3. Wow, Downey and Davidson just beat the hell out of each other. Great little quick fight.

  4. Well … DOWNEY is doing exactly what he is supposed to do — getting under SHARKS’ Skins — and doing it very well. DOWNEY didn’t have to instigate it either …..

  5. Sharks aren’t getting a lot of shots but are really controlling the play right now. Not good.

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