Game Thread: Flames at Red Wings – 10/10

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Calgary Flames at Detroit Red Wings
October 10, 2007 – 7:30 PM

13 thoughts on “Game Thread: Flames at Red Wings – 10/10”

  1. Ken and Mickey got it right in the postgame, Calgary’s big names were quiet tonight. I’d like to think that’s a sign of the Wings shutting them down but I know the Flames haven’t done much this season so it could be either.

  2. The score should be 3 or 4 to 1 in the first period :D ….. a couple of chances or potential goals by the Wings were botched by one too many fancy passes ……

  3. There we get a fancy pass helped out by a Calgary stick. And Holmstrom’s shot barely got through.

  4. Hope this doesn’t turn into one of those games where the Wings will need a 2-3 goal lead to stay out in front. Need some offensive production out of lines 2 and 3 ……. :suspect:

  5. Hudler had room, he shouldn’t have taken the shot from so far out.

    Mickey was saying that had HUDS faked and not shot, he would have had a lot of net ….. Most NHL goalies will come out and stop 99% of those kind of shots. Too bad ..l. it was a great pass.

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