Game Thread: Oilers at Red Wings – 10/8

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Edmonton Oilers at Detroit Red Wings
October 8, 2007 – 7:30 PM

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  1. With Franzen out, MacLeod reports the following lines will be used tonight



    Hasek (starts)

    Only the second line remains untouched. Fil jumps up to Franzen’s spot on Datsyuk’s wing, Drake takes Filppula’s usual role with Draper (who’s back at center) and Cleary. Kopecky shifts back to wing with Ellis centering him and Maltby.

  2. YES!!!

    For once at the beginning of the game, THEY LOOK FANTASTIC!




    Edmonton’s jerseys look like practice jerseys.

    That’s what I thought.

    Hahahaha, funny hit on Edmonton’s own players :D

  3. YES! Goal! :D

    I love being close enough to MI to get FSNDet :D


    Who got credit for that? My brother was yelling when they announced and I didn't see T_T

  4. Samuelsson scored (I think). What’s happening to me is I’m trying to watch through Yahoo but need a proxy server so I’ve typed in about 5, then one worked, but the detected connection speed was 1k, and as soon as it came on, the goal went in, saw it very low quality, then disconnected. I’m getting so p*ssed off right now. :D :D :D

  5. Dude, that sucks.

    But it shows how much more dedicated fan you are :D

    P.S. I love your avatar <3

    edit;; this game is looking kinda one-sided from what I have seen.

  6. That late goal was painful. Plenty of time left for both teams, lets hope we see the third-period dominating Wings of last season rather than the ones we got in Chicago.

  7. What an awful call. Just once, I’d love to hear Homer rip into the refs for sh*t like that.

  8. That was a stupid call.

    Poor Homer.


    What an awful call. Just once, I’d love to hear Homer rip into the refs for sh*t like that.

    Beat me too it, and I like this explanation better XD

  9. Right, I have given up on trying to watch (I tried every proxy adress on two lists and now I’m listening on the radio. With play by play. I am so tired and angry right now.

  10. Awww. I suggest hot cocoa with 5 marshmallows(no more, no less) and then curl up in bed with pillows. :D Very calming. Makes me happy when I am sick. XD That sounds kidna weird though.

    I think it’s funny the one linesman keeps getting hit XD. :D

  11. As time winds down, a thing to remember is that the Oilers already took their time out.

    End: Two seconds later, Ken and Mickey mention it.

  12. Empty Net Goal! That’s how Draper can finish, when there’s no goalie in the net! :D

  13. Good night! Hope you have a good night’s rest since you’re up so late!


    Yay! :D This is just an awesome day.

  14. Thanks, it took a fairly long time to do and get on. More cutting and pasting for me. Must get on before the end of the 1st period. (Looks like I don’t have much time).

  15. Little over three minutes.


    I am sad. They scored right away after Chelios did.

    Oh well, they still hold the lead.

  16. This is so futile. The last three I’ve used have made IE stop responding, which is SO annoying. I’ll have to try in five minutes or so I’m taking a break before I throw my laptop across the room. :D :D :D :D :D :cursing: AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. XD my condolences. You didn’y miss much in the 3 remaining minutes. :D

    0_o You’re in England right? What time is it there?

  18. It’s 1:25 am, but I have the day off tommorow so I’m fine. (But I’d still have been watching-or trying to watch) anyway.

  19. Lots of great second and third efforts by various Winged Wheelers in the offensive zone, particularly in front of Rolofson. Holmstrom’s goal was pure physical strength and second effort to take out the Oiler defender. :D

  20. Oh, the ridiculous coincidence. I accidentally used the same 1k proxy again, it connected then bang! one second later, it’s a goal, then one second later-disconnection. (Didn’t even have time to make out it Holmstrom!). I am getting teased with by the Allmighty Internet and I am not happy!

  21. No experience with proxy servers or I’d love to help you out, BWF. Good luck.

    Wings are looking really good tonight, matching up against the Oilers better than they have in years.

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