Game Thread: Ducks at Red Wings – 5/11

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Anaheim Ducks at Detroit Red Wings
May 11, 2007 – 7:30 PM
TV: Versus

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  1. We kick off Detroit’s 8th appearance in the conference finals in the last 20 years tonight, with the Anaheim Ducks visiting Joe Louis Arena. In the previous seven tries, the Red Wings are 4-3, with two losses to Edmonton (’87 and ’88), a win over Chicago (’95), a loss to Colorado (’96), two wins over Colorado (’97 and ’02) and a win over Dallas (’98).

    Against Anaheim the Wings are 2-1 in the playoffs, with each winner advancing in a sweep. Detroit won in 1997 and 1999 while the then-Mighty Ducks claimed victory in 2003.

  2. Wings got some more luck killing off that 5-on-3. Of course, the call on Draper was bad luck in the first place.

  3. 2nd Intermission — I wish the WINGS could get one or two of those near-goal chances back! A one-goal differential is not going to hold up, if the DUCKS start pressing. My concern is a lapse by the WING D. The WINGS have had the better of the scoring opportunities in my opinion, however. So keep pressing. Eventually something is Going to in. WINGS D seem to be holding up well, given the DUCKS pressure this far , but another goal early in third would be soooo sweet. AND KEEP THE PUCK AWAY FROM HASEK! :blink:


  4. Soft goal? HASEK’s left, glove side ………. similar to the SJO goal in game 5 ……….. disappointing :blink:

  5. Catmandu also thought it was soft. I’m not sure. Not good, that’s for sure.

    I still want to know when the Wings will get their 5-on-3.

  6. Neidermayer takes down Datsyuk. Somehow it ends up a four-on-four. Selanne draws a call on Cleary. Awful, awful calls.

  7. What a surprise. Could have been a long five-on-three if they call two many men on Anaheim but the refs choose not to. Nice.

  8. Strange game so far. Lots of flagrant stuff going on that’s not called. Not a game with much flow either. I’m glad I didn’t pay big bucks to sit at the JOE to see this crap ……..

  9. Six minutes remaining & momentum going to ANAHEIM …. this has to change.

  10. Freakin’ LANG fails to control puck and make the clear, allowing the DUCKS to maintain possession deep in WINGS Zone, resulting in the WINGS taking a hooking penalty …………. Gezus!


  11. Overall, I’d say the Wings lucked out quite a bit. Anaheim should have scored more. They had more shots, more power play opportunities, and better power play opportunities. Now, why they had those may be questionable, but that they didn’t convert is something that can’t be counted on.

    Both Detroit goals required good bounces, like I complained about the Wings not getting all season. You can’t count on those, either.

  12. I caught the Franzen bit also, bold face lie, he was not groomed in the minors at all. He was in the Swedish Elite league before the NHL, on one of the teams that rivals Djurgarden.

  13. MacDonald punches Hasek, Samuelsson gets a penalty. Nice.

    I saw that too. The WINGS seem to be having some difficulty with puck control, namely clearing the puck from their zone, and getting and keeping it deep inside ANAHEIM’s end. I do hope this is addressed and soon.

  14. Yeah, they’re not looking too good right now. Defense is holding up well but if Anaheim gets a break like Detroit did, that defense has gone to waste. Gotta get some offense going, too.

  15. Emerick just made sh*t up! He said that Franzen was one of the players developed between GR and Toledo but the Mule never played in the minors. He jumped right over from Europe.

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