Game Thread: Predators at Red Wings – 3/6

Open Game Thread

Nashville Predators at Detroit Red Wings
March 6, 2007 – 7:30 PM

6 thoughts on “Game Thread: Predators at Red Wings – 3/6”

  1. Ha! Every time I bitch about Lang, he comes through. :)

    And Schneider with a beautiful goal for his 200th to give Detroit the lead.

  2. Yeah, they’re looking like the ones at the end of a 5-game road trip, not Nashville.

    We go to overtime. Best Detroit can do is come out one point back of the Preds. Worst is 3 points back. Hope they don’t blow the opportunity completely.

    Got a bit nuts at the end of OT there, just started looking like the Wings were waking up. Now it’s anyone’s game in the gimmick round.

    Aww damn, sudden death SO.

    Holy sh*t! Who knew Franzen had moves like that?! And Ozzie comes up big on the last shot. :)

  3. WOWser OZZie — came up big — :) A nail biter it was from about the last half of the third — The Preds didn’t have a shot until the 9:30 mark of the third and ends up outshooting the Wings in the final perioed ……………AND …… I had to close my eyes a couple of times in OT. :P Wierd game, lots of chances for the Wings to WIN it too.

  4. Odd first 10 minutes or so tonight. Wings start on their heels but Datsyuk gets them on the board first with one of those goals where he seems to say “This is going in the net now.” and it just does. I think Mickey called it “magic” or something similar.

    Then they go and blow a long 5-on-3. Part of that is that Lang sucks right now. How many times does he miss the net or lose the puck on a power play?

    Draper continues to be unable to finish, missing a wide open net.

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