5 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Kings – 1/6, Red Wings at Ducks – 1/7”

  1. I’d be a lot happier if it wasn’t another game where the Wings have been unable to get a frikkin’ bounce to go their way. Markov seems cursed right now.

    A bounce! Holy sh*t, they got a bounce! Ilitch should buy those back boards and take them to all the arenas they play in for the rest of the trip.

  2. Ugh, awful giveaway, bounced off Lebda. Even when they get a bounce, they’ve still got them going against them as well.

    No excuse on the third goal, for once it didn’t go off a Wing. This could get ugly pretty quick.

  3. Another bounce! A series of them! Off the Duck, off Homer, in, and they still get another power play. Sweet!

  4. Being the ref-hater that I am, I’d like to know why it’s not a problem with them for Zetterberg to get flattened after a whistle, but I don’t think getting that call would have saved the Wings. Another game where, while they got some good bounces for them, too many went against them.

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