14 thoughts on “Game Thread: Kings at Red Wings – 12/31”

  1. Yup. I’m gonna agree with that one. Kings have terrible goaltending and the GAA for the Wings against Garon or whoever the Kings place in the net= 2 points for the Wings.

  2. Glad to see that the refs got that one right and then Datsyuk puts us up by two!

    Hey Clark, where are you sitting?

  3. That was a bad goal given up by Dom :cursing:

    Checkout Datsyuk’s hit on Avery! :D

    And Franzen and Drapes put us up by two!! :D

  4. Draper’s goal, I’m just thinking, “But Draper can’t finish!” And then he did. Sweet.

    I’m in section 221, at center ice behind the bench about 3/4 up. Tuesday I’m a few sections over.

  5. Solid overall game. The goals against weren’t awful but not good either. Kept in control and got the win.

    And a belated :cursing: to Shade.

  6. Nice hit Kronner :cursing:



  7. At least call it tripping, here we go again with the refs :cursing:

    Malts had a nice break-away, too bad he did not go top-shelf!! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!

    Oh well

    Where the hell was the call on Avery? Holding the stick like that? WTF? There were several missed calls that period! Hooking on Datsyuk, Homer getting hit from behind. These refs suck! :D

  8. Intermission check-in…

    Great passing on the Homer goal. Could see it coming a mile away, Kings were just standing around.

    Since when is Sean Avery a top-line player? He’s getting way too many minutes.

    I’d be shocked if there are 15000 people here. Sellout my ass.

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