Game Thread: Red Wings at Blue Jackets – 12/28

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Detroit Red Wings at Columbus Blue Jackets
December 28, 2006 – 7:00 PM

4 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Blue Jackets – 12/28”

  1. Wow. I’m shocked that Mickey Redmond was able to control himself after Norrena’s check on Cleary. And if I’m Ken Hitchcock, I’m telling my goalie to stay in his damn net, the starter is already hurt, don’t need the backup hurt too.

    Great set of passes to set up the third Detroit goal. Columbus is playing like they’re dizzy, not calm at all, not in control.

    And as soon as I say that, Columbus pulls it together to get a goal.

    The Jackets continue buzzing, they’re within one now. Not often you’re left lamenting the puck being stolen from Nick Lidstrom.

  2. I’ll be damned if that wasn’t a perfect storm of suck. Kronwall blows an outlet pass and Osgood is relaxing at the same time. Either of them is on, that doesn’t happen.

    And after not a damn thing was called in the second, we’ve got two calls on Detroit in the third. CONSISTENCY, you assholes!

    And another power play goal. Guys? It’s a lot easier to score when you’re not in the box and it’s in the Columbus end.

  3. And Datsyuk says “f*ck that noise, I’ll do this sh*t myself.” Amazing individual effort to tie things back up.

    Cleary! A power play goal of their own and the Wings are back in front!

    When you’re on, you’re on. Datsyuk banks it in from behind Norrena. Not wrapped up, but close now.

  4. Oh man, Cleary gets the Wings on the board early off a smart play by Lang but Hudler can’t make it a two goal lead, losing the puck on a breakaway. Crazy start.

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