Game Thread: Red Wings at Blackhawks – 12/14

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Detroit Red Wings at Chicago Blackhawks
December 14, 2006 – 8:30 PM

8 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Blackhawks – 12/14”

  1. O.k The Hawks is short for the Blackhawks

    Martin Lapointe played in Detroit for ten years, he won a couple of cups before he was traded

    He was the Hawks Captain, and for whatever reason the management made a change. I did not catch the name of the new Captain

    Our D is looking awesome right now, way to cover for the goalie

  2. Catching up with the thread while waiting to see the news on Kopecky. Scary crash into the boards. It looked like he was moving his legs while on the ice, that’s damn good to see.

    #1 – Beautiful pass by Datsyuk for the first goal.

    #2 – Hasek’s coming out of the net a lot.

    #3 – Game seems… Not chippy but maybe sloppy. A little more like the “old NHL” than most games.

    #4 – Cleary is on fire, what a shot.

    And Kopecky made it off the ice under his own power. Whew.

  3. And the Hawks score on a miss cue

    This is the best I have seen Dom play all season even though he has dropped his stick at least 10 times

    Empty net

    And we get the W. Cleary should be the First Star

  4. You, me, and Mickey all agree about Dom. Solid, solid game. He’s playing better positionally than I’ve ever seen him. He used to never square up, relying on his reflexes to get to the shot. Now he’s in the right spot to start, usually.

    Heh, did John Keating just make fun of Dan Cleary’s missing front teeth in the postgame interview? I swear he described the ‘Hawks as “vathly different.” B)

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