Game Thread: Red Wings at Wild – 12/1

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Minnesota Wild
December 1, 2006 – 8:00 PM

4 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Wild – 12/1”

  1. They started out strong and were getting quite a bit of press but have fallen a bit. With the fall went their coverage, so I haven’t seen much either.

    From the Wings side of things, it’ll be interesting to see Lebda as a forward. See if that speed can make a difference.

  2. Missed the second and third periods for a soccer game (still in first place! woohoo!), about to head back to catch the DVR’d part of the game. Can’t complain about a shutout, and Cleary giving teeth to score a goal is hockey personified. Did Lebda ever make it onto a forward line? He was all defense in the first.

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