Game Thread: Blues at Red Wings – 11/24

Open Game Thread

St. Louis Blues at Detroit Red Wings
November 24, 2006 – 7:30 PM

18 thoughts on “Game Thread: Blues at Red Wings – 11/24”

  1. O.K we should have worked out any issues that we might have had prior to tonights game. Hopefully the real refs were also on a plane to the Joe and will make proper calls this evening.

    We need to get back on another winning streak!

    Side note: It was mentioned the other night that Datsyuk had rejected an offer by the Wings citing that he wants top dollar. Looks like he will become a UFA at the end of the season and Holland maintains that talks will not resume until after seasons end. I am betting that he will not be back, if he was having a more productive season at this point the Wings might have entertained another offer. With over three million a season tied up with Lidstrom, and now three million in Kronwall its going to be hard to look at any other high priced deals. :notworthy:

    At the end of this year our Number one priority should be a quality netminder, period! :mad:

  2. I say 3-1 Wings, and Cleary will be the star of the gme

    Way to stop those shots Dom :sleeping:

    The Joe is very quiet… :suspect:

  3. That was what Mickey had been talking about in saying that the Blues were going to lose if they kept playing like that.

    Damnit, another wrist shot past Hasek.

  4. Dom is the man!!!!! :sleeping:

    Nice missed call on Lebda getting hit from behind by Hinote

    You heard Mickey, some of the refs should come under fire

  5. Dom comes up big at the close of the second. Way to make up for some of that crap earlier.

  6. Well can’t say that I’m all that impressed with the first or second periods. Hopefully we come alive in the third!

  7. Lidstrom comes up big on the power play!

    If the Wings didn’t score there… I don’t know. They’ve been throwing everything they can on net and the Blues are doing an incredible job of blocking shots.

  8. We all know that Legace can play like a god when he wants to :suspect:

    Nice play by Draper

    Cleary is still an animal

    Crap… Penalty with 1:48 to go

    And we go to overtime again :sleeping:

  9. Guerin with the stupid penalty (no matter how much he complained about it), gives the Wings a chance with the PP to close out the OT.

  10. Another one I can’t entirely fault Hasek for, he made some key stops, just not enough. The Wings have gotta be able to work around the shot blocking attempts. St. Louis had 22 blocked shots. That’s insane.

    Hasek did suck in the shootout. Come on, Dom, that’s when you have to come up big!

    I had to go play a game of Blades of Steel to get the bad taste of this game out of my brain.

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