Game Thread: Canucks at Red Wings – 10/5

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Vancouver Canucks at Detroit Red Wings
October 5, 2006 – 7:00 PM

7 thoughts on “Game Thread: Canucks at Red Wings – 10/5”

  1. In response to Clarks article on Zetterberg I read that as he will be named Captain. Thoughts?

  2. I kind of read that quote the same way. Or it could mean that he’s going to be in more of a leadership role with an “A” and not the “C”.

    With Shanny gone, I think it’s almost a lock that Lidstrom, Draper and Zetterberg will have letters, you just can’t tell which one will get the “C” yet.

  3. You may be right about Nick, however if you read the article about Z’s wrist injury you will notice Holland’s statement. Also remember he wore an A last season, so at the minimum he will have at least that much. As far as the other A goes it is a toss up between Chelios (because of his dedication) and Draper.

  4. I have a quick question about the next wings captain. Can anyone tell me the last team to win the Cup with a European captain?

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