7 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Oilers – 4/27”

  1. Of course the Oilers get on the board first. Ugh.

    Wings have got to do something on the five-on-three.

  2. Good to see that kind of bounce help out the Wings, gets them up by a goal. First time Detroit’s been in the lead since, what, the second period of Game Two?

  3. As I posted elsewhere…

    “Penalties, #37, #55, #24, for wearing Red and White…

    Holy crap, “inconsistant” would be a kind way to describe the officiating.”

    Glad to see Chelios give ’em hell, and do just enough without taking a penalty. Or an extra one, at least.

  4. very inconsistent! Chelios so did not deserve that.. considering that they did the same thing to us earlier on~! :D :D :evil: GO WINGS!!! :D

  5. Holy sh*t, Datsyuk and Zetterberg just made the Oilers look stupid! Woohoo! Let’s hold on to this, guys!

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