Game Thread: Red Wings at Oilers – 4/25

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Edmonton Oilers
April 25, 2006 – 10:00 PM

7 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Oilers – 4/25”

  1. Wow, a bunch of bad stuff comes together and the Oilers capitalize. Bad bouce for Detroit to not get the clear, then Winchester gets away with holding Datsyuk’s stick, then Manny lets one in that he should have had. Ugh, not looking good.

  2. Series of odd penalties leads to a 4-on-3 goal and for once their passing gets them something, with Schneider putting a pretty pass down low to Z for the evener.

  3. Oh damnit Manny, if you’re gonna be a butterfly goalie you had better cover the bottom of your net.

  4. Holy hell, if the Oilers are going to play the whole damn game on the power play, of course they’re going to get a good lead.

  5. Goddamnit Manny! I stayed up this late so that you could do a little f*cking dance in the crease and allow the game-losing goal?

    Bring on Ozzie, Manny doesn’t have it.

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