Game Thread: Predators at Red Wings – 3/21

Open Game Thread

Nashville Predators at Detroit Red Wings
March 21, 2006 – 7:30 PM

19 thoughts on “Game Thread: Predators at Red Wings – 3/21”

  1. I guess Detroit’s goal shows that the crease rule is not back (as was mentioned , since the Wings had two players in the blue paint at the time.

    And Vokoun shows that if you’re a bitchy goalie who deserves to get laid out, you can trip people and have the penalty be on them.

  2. I guess Cheli will just take it out on the ref, I wish he would lay Kariya out! Did I mention I can’t stand Kariya? May Holmstrom will end up sitting on Vokoun and give heim a nice cheap shot when no one is looking! :rockets:

  3. Another OT game. Wings are the second team to reach 100 pts and will at least retain a part of the NHL lead.

  4. Okay, Hartnall is either the worst skater in the league or the biggest cheap-shot artist, since damn-near every time he crashes the net he goes down and runs into the goalie.

  5. Shootout. Datsyuk, Williams, Zetterberg. Who for Nashville? Kariya, Hartnall, Hall? I went with those last two because they’ve been Wing-killers.

  6. And the award for best cheap shot artist goes to: Scott Hartnell while the award for the NHL’s most accomplished diver goes to: Paul Kariya

    Oh hell another shootout!


    The Datsyukian deke 1-0

  8. Oh well at least it tokk that much for them to beat us. At least we are at 100 points!

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