Game Thread: Red Wings at Canucks – 3/19

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Vancouver Canucks
March 19, 2006 – 10:00 PM

21 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Canucks – 3/19”

  1. What a pass by Mowers. I complained about him at the start of the season but he’s playing much better since taking Mikey’s spot.

  2. Three-goal lead is the hardest to hold in the “new NHL” and you know the Canucks will get the next power play. Good to see Osgood come up with a big (but not entirely pretty) save on Burroughs on a rush to keep that lead intact.

    ETA: Holy crap, was I wrong. Six-straight calls against Vancouver.

  3. :blink: Zetterberg is an animal what can I say… It’s nice to see calls going in our favor for once. Geat first period now we need to keep it up. I really dislike Bertuzzi, that slash on Malts was crap! Need to take better control of the power play, the last two runs were weak. Now Shanny and Stevie Y need to score! :therock: And if you are too old at 26 you need help! :blink: Games could be at 2 in the morning and I would be up!

  4. The Datsyukian deke on the breakaway!!!!!!! :blink: Way to take away the goal on Bertuzzi!! Go refs!

  5. There’s no way that goal should have been called back. Wow, Canucks got hosed. But they scored on the 5-on-3 and the second half of the PP so they still got the points.

    Wings have got to bounce back, can’t let the ‘Nucks keep the momentum.

    And re: late games… I’d stay up even if they started at 2 AM, too, but it always sucks to get up for work in the morning the next day :rockets:

  6. With some of the stops that Ozzie has made tonight I have to take back some of the things I said about him!! On another note the I think the ref will be listed as one of the stars of the game

  7. Another bad call wih the offsetting minors, as much as Ken and Pat are saying it was a good tug by Sedin it looked very minor to me and like Franzen was on his way down already. Not a hook, not a dive, he just fell.

  8. Something is worng with the officiating here, that was a crap call on Franzen. At least Nasland ended up in the box


    This just in: Vancouver scores with 1.8 left Damn I was excited too!

  10. The good news is that a two-goal lead is more than a no-goal lead. Hooray for simple math! :rockets:

    Even with the late goal, I don’t think either team has momentum right now, so by default the Wings are in a good position.

    ETA: Is this the first game since he signed up that hotwings hasn’t been hanging out in the game thread?

  11. FYI – This is the fifth time this season that the Wings have scored 7 goals. They haven’t scored 8 since an 8-3 win over the Wild on November 16, 2001, and they haven’t lost when scoring 7 or more goals since a 10-7 loss to the Sabres on February 24, 1993.…roit_score=7%2B

  12. I hate the Western Conference, I’m too old for these late games :blink:

    Even with the win last night, the Wings aren’t really clicking. Vancouver’s hungry and the Wings are on the road and tired, a recipe for disaster. I do not envy whichever goalie is in net tonight.

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