Game Thread: Red Wings at Coyotes – 3/4

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Phoenix Coyotes
March 4, 2006 – 9:00 PM

4 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Coyotes – 3/4”

  1. So Doan sticks his stick under Lilja’s arm and it’s a holding the stick penalty on Lilja? That’s soft. Especially for a 5-on-3.

  2. Well hell, of course the ‘Yotes are gonna score if the refs won’t get off Gretzky’s c*ck and keep giving Phoenix 5-on-3s.

    ETA: And the Wings finally get their own 5-on-3 and throw it away.

  3. I’m absolutely amazed that they gave the bench minor to Phoenix for Gretzky yapping.

  4. Maybe it’s just because the Wings haven’t been involved in many, but I’m glad to see that shootouts haven’t taken the excitement out of penalty shots.

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