12 thoughts on “Game Thread: Flyers at Red Wings – 1/12”

  1. This is a must win for the wings! We will have the Joe behind us tonight and I want to see Forsberg and Gange shut down. :flagusa:

  2. Wow, that was a pretty crap call on Savage to negate the goal. Eh, it’s an evener for the bad checking from behind call on Cleary in the first.

  3. Heh, if the Wings are just gonna score shorthanded then it looks like the penalty doesn’t matter :flagusa:

    Then Datsyuk on the give-and-go makes Nittymaki (or however it’s spelled) look stupid. :flagusa:

  4. :flagusa:

    That poor goalie. He’s gotta be thinking, “Oh God, who do I cover?” on the Yzerman/Lang 2-on-1.

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