Game Thread: Devils at Red Wings – 1/29

Open Game Thread

New Jersey Devils at Detroit Red Wings
January 29, 2004 – 7:30 PM

16 thoughts on “Game Thread: Devils at Red Wings – 1/29”

  1. With a reply like that, one would think you’re not a WINGS fan, let a lone a WINGNUT. There is a difference ya know.

    No I don’t think NJ D’s had an off night. We still had to push to get into their zone, so their D was working. THEY OUT SHOT US… so something was working. But CUJO out played Brodure. Maybe he does…need a rest, but his stats don’t say so.

    I’d like to think that our WINGS have the fire power and found Brodures wholes and got around their D. I don’t like the dump and chace style, cause our guys just don’t race after the puck as much as I saw DEVILS getting there first. BUT WE got the WIN, and that’s what’s really important.

  2. Big suprise to me. I thought it would be like a “trench warfare” game where each team waits for the other to attack. Good thing I was wrong. So far Joseph has definitely had a 200% improvement over his performance against Phoenix. Joseph also IMHO has way outplayed his reiging Vezina-winning counterpart.

  3. It turned out to be a pretty good game, both ways.  I was expecting more defense and clogging up the middle too, but there was quite a bit of offense.

    I’m also impressed that the Wings got 5 goals (including one empty netter) against Broduer (sp?), who has had a really good season this year.

  4. Me too! I was expecting a tight game 2-1 WINGS…but 5-2 and 2 PP goals, 5 PK’s and 1 SH GOAL and SOMEONE”s 20th!!

    I’m happy as a clam… I’ll just sit back relax and wait for Saturdays game!

  5. I agree, when you score 5 goals against Broduer and the defense they have, they are definitely having a bad night.

    Cujo was great, the team as a whole really pulled out the win.

  6. Is Broduer the best goalie in the game right now?  If the Wings could have anyone, who would you pick?

    I think since Roy left the game, it would have to be Broduer.

  7. In my opinion the Wings were on top of there game and they need to stay there.

    I don’t think we have seen the Wings in top flight yet. Hull and Shanny have to wake up and Whitney is slacking now. hatch needs to return.

  8. Quite some chances Hull and Shanny have had of late! Once Hatcher, Thomas, and Kronwall return, the Wings will have a chance to be closer to their “top game.”

  9. I still wish the Wings would have got Oates instaed of Thomas. Oates has always been durable and could you imagine him feeding the ouck to Shanny and Hull? they have all played together so the chemistry would have been sweet. Plus Datsyuk could have picked up a couple ticks from an old dog.

  10. Whizkid….

    Don’t expect Kronner (Kronwall) back till the fall, if we have a season. The leg won’t be ready to skat on till May…that’s half way through the play offs.

    Thomas is back on the ice…but he’s not got the jump we saw when he first came to Detroit. Papers say they hope he turns it up again come play off time.

    Maybe Hatch coming back will give everyone a jump.

    I do agree we have not seen the BEST the WINGS can give Night in and Night out….

    What was that we played last night?????

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