Game Thread: Coyotes at Red Wings – 1/16

Open Game Thread

Phoenix Coyotes at Detroit Red Wings
January 16, 2004 – 7:30 PM

4 thoughts on “Game Thread: Coyotes at Red Wings – 1/16”

  1. Boucher is on fire just at the right time. I miss Roenick and Tkachuk together on that team, but they do have some good young talent.I wonder how the attendance is in Phoenix, has Gretzky made a difference?

  2. Good question, I missed the 3 stars. I’m sure Cujo had to be one and Dats had a great game.

  3. I only really got a chance to watch the overtime and what I saw was Cujo standing on his head and blocking everything!

    Who was voted player of the game?

  4. I think the Wings may see Burke this time around. The Yotes have to start showcasing him.

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