Game Thread: Blues at Red Wings – 12/22

Open Game Thread

St. Louis Blues at Detroit Red Wings
December 22, 2003 – 7:30 PM

11 thoughts on “Game Thread: Blues at Red Wings – 12/22”

  1. I think CuJo starts between the pipes tonight.  Even though coaches (especially Lewis) love to play the percentages against certain teams.

    CuJo has the most incentive to win !  That alone is enough to put him in net.  The Wings need these crucial points (even though it is still early in the season).  Any distance they can put between themselves and the Blues would be nice.  The only thing that might hamper the Wings is the number of games they have played recently.  I think it was evident against the Predators.

    I hate making predictions, so I won’t.  But Hull always seems to shine against his former team.

  2. I hope they move Dandy to RW and trade Dev’s soon. I can’t wait fore Stumpy to get back. Drapes is playing great and where the heck is Mac already? Fish looks strong this season. Malts is always solid. Cujo has become the man since the Dominator is toast. The Captain should be well rested when he returns.Hully and Shanny seem to be taking turns getting hot.I hope Hatch is ready by play off time. Lids is starting to find his groove now.Zets hasn’t missed a beat and dats is shocking the world. Booter needs more minutes. Homer is missed on the PP. Lewie seems to like messing with the line ups with all the injuries. I feel like I’m part of the team with these guys, I bet they would call me Shady.

    How’s that Beliveau opps JNeighbor. ???  :P  :laugh:

  3. Yea thats for guys like you that act like you actually know the guys and nothing bad can be said about them . It wasn’t meant for us real Hockey fans that don’t have blinders on. Why did you say u were Beliveau again? You never did answer that one ?

  4. I’m all for using nicknames for these guys…. too many strange foreign names to have to spell out all the time.  Plus, then someone doesn’t spell one right and everyone hops on them for the correct spelling….  Short names like Hull and Smith are exceptions in this league.

  5. The French Canadien ones are particularly discouraging.  Who would ever think to pronounce Roy as Wa?

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