Game Thread: Oilers at Red Wings – 11/26

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Edmonton Oilers at Detroit Red Wings
November 26, 2003 – 7:30 PM

3 thoughts on “Game Thread: Oilers at Red Wings – 11/26”

  1. Bootland gets his first career NHL goal versus the Edmonton Oilers.  Bootland adds a nice element to the Detroit Red Wings as an agitater.  Anyone ever seen him play in Grand Rapids?

  2. It’s easy for fans to like the guys like Bootland and Avery.  I guess if you have to get rid of someone though, I’d rather see Avery go than someone else.  Where did he go to?  He’d probably be better off on a younger team anyway as he’ll likely get more playing time and not be a guy who barely sees the ice.

    Bootland’s goal was good.  I think that most coaches and teams encourage the fighting and penalties as long as the person can draw MATCHING penalties.  Two guys fighting and getting 5 each is a wash.  Now if a guy gets an instigator penalty…. I’d guess the coaches would be p*ssed!

  3. The goal was awesome, but I wonder if all of the fights he got in helped or hurt his chances of making the team on a regular basis. It can’t really hurt because McCarty can’t last a whole lot longer and this kid may be an impovement over his predacessor(sp). I think one of the Wing’s biggest mistakes was trading away Avery. He had a very high potential potential sticker. Oh well.

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