Game Thread: Red Wings at Islanders – 12/17

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Detroit Red Wings at New York Islanders
December 17, 2002 – 7:00 PM

3 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Islanders – 12/17”

  1. Anyone else finding themselves kind torn as the Wings head to Long Island to face off against Chris Osgood?  Ozzie’s still my all-time favorite goalie and the Wings kinda screwed him over, I can’t root against him.  Why could the damn Islanders have decided to start Snow tonight?

  2. Okay, I guess I was wrong, when it hit overtime I definately found that I can root against Ozzie.  Strange thing, due to the tie between Ozzie and the Wings, my strict rules/superstitions about when to wear what hockey jerseys from my collection dictate that I wear my Osgood sweater tomorrow.

  3. I still miss Ozzie a lot, and I hate when the Wings have to play against him. I was at the Isles’ one game at the Joe last season, and I almost cried when some of the fans started doing the “Osgood” chant (not the good one, the ha-ha-you- let-in-a-goal one). I’m getting fond of Cujo, but I still think an Ozzie and Manny goalie tag team would do as well as any highly priced goaltender in the NHL. I guess I’m just glad Ozzie didn’t wind up with a Western Conference team the Wings have to play all the time!

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