6 thoughts on “Game Thread: Flames at Red Wings – 10/21”

  1. The Wings dumpin n’ chasin? Although very capable of carrying the puck into the zone, I kinda like this new tactic. Not all the time, but something that mixes it up and prepares you for the playoffs where puck handling is Jack and Crap, and Jack just left town. Now, if I can just find a way into the equipment room and saw about 3″ off Fischer’s stick, so he’ll keep it outa players faces.

    Or when you’re in there you could swipe all of the guys’ uniform pants and replace them with some skimpy red and white pleated skirts with little Red Wing logos all over them…. those have also been known to intimidate opposing players.  
    Where are his testicles???” — Matt Millen

  3. Enough sneaking already! May I suggest a few parameters for whimsical retorts. 1. No more than 4 silly replies or interjections to origional topic. 2. No more than 20 or less than 19 pithy comments when bashing opposing players or teams.(this is open to ammendment depending upon hate factors) 3. No legal limit on refs.

  4. Eh, they can say whatever they want, the Wings would win even wearing skirts, then everyone else would have the added humiliation of having lost to a team in dresses.

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