Red Wings 2004-2005 Season Schedule


The Red Wings' October 2004 Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
October 14, 2004Edmonton OilersAwayCancelled
October 16, 2004Vancouver CanucksAwayCancelled
October 20, 2004Carolina HurricanesHomeCancelled
October 22, 2004Chicago BlackhawksHomeCancelled
October 23, 2004New Jersey DevilsAwayCancelled
October 25, 2004Mighty Ducks of AnaheimHomeCancelled
October 27, 2004Dallas StarsHomeCancelled
October 29, 2004Atlanta ThrashersAwayCancelled
October 30, 2004Nashville PredatorsAwayCancelled


The Red Wings' November 2004Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
November 2, 2004Edmonton OilersHomeCancelled
November 5, 2004Columbus Blue JacketsAwayCancelled
November 6, 2004Phoenix CoyotesHomeCancelled
November 9, 2004Los Angeles KingsHomeCancelled
November 11, 2004Washington CapitalsAwayCancelled
November 13, 2004Columbus Blue JacketsHomeCancelled
November 17, 2004San Jose SharksAwayCancelled
November 19, 2004Mighty Ducks of AnaheimAwayCancelled
November 20, 2004Los Angeles KingsAwayCancelled
November 24, 2004Calgary FlamesHomeCancelled
November 26, 2004Minnesota WildHomeCancelled
November 27, 2004St. Louis BluesAwayCancelled
November 29, 2004San Jose SharksHomeCancelled


The Red Wings' December 2004Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
December 1, 2004Columbus Blue JacketsHomeCancelled
December 3, 2004Chicago BlackhawksHomeCancelled
December 6, 2004St. Louis BluesHomeCancelled
December 8, 2004Colorado AvalancheAwayCancelled
December 10, 2004Vancouver CanucksAwayCancelled
December 11, 2004Calgary FlamesAwayCancelled
December 14, 2004Chicago BlackhawksHomeCancelled
December 16, 2004Vancouver CanucksHomeCancelled
December 17, 2004Chicago BlackhawksAwayCancelled
December 19, 2004Ottawa SenatorsHomeCancelled
December 21, 2004Ottawa SenatorsHomeCancelled
December 26, 2004St. Louis BluesAwayCancelled
December 27, 2004Dallas StarsAwayCancelled
December 29, 2004Phoenix CoyotesAwayCancelled
December 31, 2004Vancouver CanucksHomeCancelled
December 31, 2004Pittsburgh PenguinsAwayCancelled


The Red Wings' January 2005Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
January 2, 2005Vancouver CanucksAwayCancelled
January 5, 2005Nashville PredatorsHomeCancelled
January 8, 2005Colorado AvalancheAwayCancelled
January 9, 2005Chicago BlackhawksAwayCancelled
January 11, 2005Boston BruinsAwayCancelled
January 13, 2005Nashville PredatorsHomeCancelled
January 15, 2005Toronto Maple LeafsHomeCancelled
January 17, 2005Dallas StarsHomeCancelled
January 19, 2005Calgary FlamesHomeCancelled
January 21, 2005Dallas StarsAwayCancelled
January 22, 2005Phoenix CoyotesAwayCancelled
January 26, 2005Chicago BlackhawksAwayCancelled
January 29, 2005Colorado AvalancheHomeCancelled


The Red Wings' February 2005Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
February 1, 2005Mighty Ducks of AnaheimHomeCancelled
February 3, 2005Edmonton OilersAwayCancelled
February 5, 2005Calgary FlamesAwayCancelled
February 9, 2005Los Angeles KingsHomeCancelled
February 15, 2005Buffalo SabresHomeCancelled
February 17, 2005St. Louis BluesHomeCancelled
February 19, 2005Tampa Bay LightningAwayCancelled
February 20, 2005Florida PanthersAwayCancelled
February 23, 2005New Jersey DevilsHomeCancelled
February 26, 2005San Jose SharksHomeCancelled
February 27, 2005Nashville PredatorsAwayCancelled


The Red Wings' March 2005Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
March 1, 2005Edmonton OilersHomeCancelled
March 3, 2005Montreal CanadiensHomeCancelled
March 5, 2005Pittsburgh PenguinsHomeCancelled
March 8, 2005Phoenix CoyotesHomeCancelled
March 10, 2005Minnesota WildAwayCancelled
March 11, 2005Columbus Blue JacketsAwayCancelled
March 13, 2005Colorado AvalancheHomeCancelled
March 16, 2005Nashville PredatorsHomeCancelled
March 19, 2005San Jose SharksAwayCancelled
March 21, 2005Mighty Ducks of AnaheimAwayCancelled
March 22, 2005Los Angeles KingsAwayCancelled
March 24, 2005St. Louis BluesHomeCancelled
March 26, 2005St. Louis BluesHomeCancelled
March 28, 2005St. Louis BluesAwayCancelled
March 31, 2005Nashville PredatorsAwayCancelled


The Red Wings' April 2005Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
April 1, 2005Columbus Blue JacketsHomeCancelled
April 3, 2005Philadelphia FlyersAwayCancelled
April 6, 2005Columbus Blue JacketsAwayCancelled
April 8, 2005Minnesota WildHomeCancelled
April 10, 2005Minnesota WildAwayCancelled

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