Red Wings 1961-1962 Season Schedule


The Red Wings' October 1961 Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
October 12, 1961Toronto Maple LeafsHome2-4 L
October 14, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome3-3 T
October 15, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway2-2 T
October 19, 1961Boston BruinsHome7-3 W
October 21, 1961New York RangersHome4-4 T
October 22, 1961New York RangersAway5-4 W
October 26, 1961Boston BruinsAway0-4 L
October 28, 1961Montreal CanadiensAway5-7 L
October 29, 1961Montreal CanadiensHome3-6 L


The Red Wings' November 1961Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
November 2, 1961New York RangersHome1-0 W
November 5, 1961Toronto Maple LeafsHome2-3 L
November 9, 1961Boston BruinsHome2-1 W
November 11, 1961Toronto Maple LeafsAway1-5 L
November 12, 1961Montreal CanadiensHome3-0 W
November 15, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway0-2 L
November 18, 1961Toronto Maple LeafsAway1-6 L
November 19, 1961Boston BruinsAway6-2 W
November 22, 1961New York RangersAway0-4 L
November 23, 1961Montreal CanadiensAway3-5 L
November 26, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L
November 30, 1961Boston BruinsHome3-1 W


The Red Wings' December 1961Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
December 2, 1961Montreal CanadiensAway2-3 L
December 3, 1961Toronto Maple LeafsHome3-1 W
December 7, 1961New York RangersHome3-3 T
December 9, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome3-0 W
December 10, 1961Chicago Black HawksAway3-2 W
December 14, 1961Boston BruinsHome5-0 W
December 17, 1961Montreal CanadiensHome3-1 W
December 20, 1961New York RangersAway1-6 L
December 21, 1961Boston BruinsAway2-4 L
December 23, 1961Montreal CanadiensAway1-6 L
December 25, 1961New York RangersHome4-6 L
December 28, 1961Chicago Black HawksHome2-2 T
December 30, 1961Toronto Maple LeafsAway4-6 L
December 31, 1961Toronto Maple LeafsHome4-2 W


The Red Wings' January 1962Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
January 4, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome1-1 T
January 6, 1962Boston BruinsHome6-2 W
January 7, 1962Montreal CanadiensHome2-2 T
January 13, 1962Toronto Maple LeafsAway3-4 L
January 14, 1962New York RangersHome2-1 W
January 18, 1962Boston BruinsAway3-5 L
January 20, 1962Montreal CanadiensAway2-2 T
January 21, 1962Montreal CanadiensHome3-5 L
January 24, 1962New York RangersAway3-0 W
January 27, 1962Toronto Maple LeafsAway2-4 L
January 28, 1962Toronto Maple LeafsHome2-2 T
January 31, 1962Chicago Black HawksAway1-4 L


The Red Wings' February 1962Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
February 1, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome4-7 L
February 3, 1962Montreal CanadiensAway1-8 L
February 4, 1962Boston BruinsHome6-0 W
February 7, 1962New York RangersAway2-2 T
February 10, 1962Boston BruinsAway2-2 T
February 11, 1962Toronto Maple LeafsHome5-0 W
February 15, 1962New York RangersHome4-3 W
February 18, 1962Montreal CanadiensHome4-2 W
February 21, 1962Chicago Black HawksAway4-6 L
February 24, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome1-6 L
February 25, 1962Toronto Maple LeafsHome2-8 L


The Red Wings' March 1962Schedule
Date Opponent Location Outcome
March 3, 1962Montreal CanadiensAway2-2 T
March 4, 1962New York RangersAway4-2 W
March 6, 1962New York RangersHome4-5 L
March 8, 1962Boston BruinsAway3-0 W
March 10, 1962Toronto Maple LeafsAway0-2 L
March 11, 1962Boston BruinsAway2-2 T
March 14, 1962New York RangersAway2-3 L
March 15, 1962Boston BruinsHome0-4 L
March 18, 1962Chicago Black HawksHome4-1 W
March 20, 1962Chicago Black HawksAway0-3 L
March 24, 1962Toronto Maple LeafsAway2-2 T
March 25, 1962Montreal CanadiensHome2-5 L

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