DetroitHockey.Net Copyright Information

All site design and code used to create DetroitHockey.Net is for use only by DetroitHockey.Net and may not be copied without written permission.

The statistics and historical information on DetroitHockey.Net cannot be copyrighted, only the formatting of the information can be. As such, the data on DetroitHockey.Net is not copyrighted but presentation of that data is.

The photos, video clips and audio clips that make up DetroitHockey.Net's multimedia collection are copyrighted by many groups and individuals who are credited (when possible) along with each individual piece of multimedia. They are displayed here as historical documentation and will be removed at the copyright holder's request.

The team logos used in the NHL Logos section of DetroitHockey.Net and throughout the site are the property of the NHL team they each represent. They are displayed as historical documentation and as a graphical reference to the teams and will be removed at the request of the copyright owner.

Unless specifically stated, anything else that appears on DetroitHockey.Net is copyrighted by DetroitHockey.Net.

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