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30 seconds ago they called that differently.

4/26/2014 - 4:51 PM

The wife on FRANzen: "What's so hard about FranZEN, really?"

4/26/2014 - 4:50 PM

For the record, absolutely sold it.

4/26/2014 - 4:49 PM

"As soon as the pressure came on Gustavsson, right back into the net." So you're saying it was a dive, Eddie?

4/26/2014 - 4:49 PM

That's right, get off our damn goalie

4/26/2014 - 4:48 PM

RT @GrahamWIIM: Hahahaha saw that coming a mile away

4/26/2014 - 4:46 PM

This is what we've wanted from him at the front of the net. RT @TheTripleDeke: Good job Franzen yeah i said it

4/26/2014 - 4:44 PM

Finally got a rebound chance and look what happens

4/26/2014 - 4:43 PM

"Brendan Smith snaps the head back." Because that was only called because it was sold.

4/26/2014 - 4:42 PM

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