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RT @marlonbrando_: 1 min in stop time, 30 seconds to kick the ball. Ridic.

7/1/2014 - 6:32 PM

RT @wingingitmotown: Don't worry, guys. Turns out every free agent we wanted took a worse deal than what the team would have offered.

7/1/2014 - 6:24 PM

RT @jessespector: Tim Howard deserved so much better.

7/1/2014 - 6:13 PM

Oh come on... RT @tkulfan: Quincey is a viable option going forward..

7/1/2014 - 6:04 PM

LRT: Not sure what's so confusing there

7/1/2014 - 6:00 PM

RT @ArthurJRegner: Red Wings confused by today's outcome. Offered more to Niskanen, Boyle and Ehrhoff than they signed for (money and term) exploring trades.

7/1/2014 - 5:59 PM

RT @TPLhockey: Do you think Tim Howard shoots right?

7/1/2014 - 5:39 PM

RT @wingingitmotown: Finding out how much Detroit is going to have to overpay in the trade market to temper disappointment is a shitty thing to look forward to.

7/1/2014 - 5:29 PM

RT @JJfromKansas: So much the diggers have reported today doesn't jive with the shit they were peddling yesterday, especially with Helene. Fuck this.

7/1/2014 - 5:16 PM

RT @TPLhockey: The Red Wings have signed the 2008 and 2011 Hobey Baker winners today.

7/1/2014 - 5:06 PM

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