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Shaw started that and Smith kinda kicked his ass. Highly surprised.

3/4/2012 - 5:30 PM

Osgood is on my TV. Can he unretire and back up Joey?

3/4/2012 - 5:25 PM

Wings goalies are getting hurt, 'Hawks goalies are getting help. This game is not going to go well.

3/4/2012 - 5:15 PM

Howard injury: Broken index toe?

3/4/2012 - 5:12 PM

One shot got through, second power play already better than the first.

3/4/2012 - 5:06 PM

Aura. RT @onthewings: Not even a body zone provided? RT @freepwings: Per Holland: Howard is day-to-day

3/4/2012 - 5:03 PM

Can we get Connor Crisp to back up J-Mac for the rest of the game?

3/4/2012 - 4:58 PM

Howard's stuck in the bathroom. That's gotta be it.

3/4/2012 - 4:57 PM

Didn't the Predators once have to dress Bill Houlder as their emergency backup? Or did they just almost have to?

3/4/2012 - 4:50 PM

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