NHLPA Membership Authorizes Disclaimer of Interest

A four-day poll of National Hockey League Players' Association members has concluded, with the players voting "overwhelmingly" in favor of authorizing their executive board to file a disclaimer of interest by January 2.

The results of the voting have not been announced by the union but individual players have revealed the outcome.

The executive board is not required to file but now has the option of dissolving the union, which would allow players to file a class-action anti-trust lawsuit against the league. The NHL has preemptively attacked that option by filing their own lawsuit, seeking to have their lockout of the players declared legal.

During last year's National Basketball Association lockout, the National Basketball Players' Association filed a disclaimer of interest, with the two sides reaching an agreement twelve days later and their season beginning on Christmas.

The NHL cancelled scheduled games through January 14 yesterday.

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